Friday, December 5, 2008

That's it. I'm Done.

Obviously the brain dead sacks of shit who write the program for blogger need to go back to work at McDonalds (actually, that's putting down the people who work at McDonalds, sorry). I can't deal with the ineptitude any longer so instead of getting pissed on an almost daily basis, I'm just going to close up shop.

I was going to post this right before the inauguration but as this is my last post...

We can soon close the book (The Pet Goat of political history?) on the worst presidency that mankind has ever known or, hopefully, will ever know. One that will reign supreme as the pinnacle of ignorance, bigotry, greed and corruption. One who presided over the darkest hours in American history... well, unless his brother Jeb ever gets elected that is.

The little rat bastard that is George W. Bush. The dick that is Cheney and all the rest of the weasly little gerbils, some living, some dead, but all immensely richer, will go down in the annals of history as the anals of history. I wish Hunter Thompson had stuck around long enough to write a fitting tribute to the eight years of this administration bending Ms. America over the conference table and nailing her for all she was worth (and then some), then, later, having some inbred intern use a crumpled copy of the Constitution to clean up.

There is nothing in America that wasn’t harmed by this presidency other than ignorance and hate. They both seem to have thrived under this administration. I would hope that Bush and his minions would all be tried for crimes against humanity but the opposite will most likely take place. Years from now their many crimes will be forgiven, or forgotten, much like earlier crooks of their ilk and some nitwit will want to put Bush’s face on the dollar bill.

As the end of his reign draws near, the little rat bastard is scurrying to cause as much harm as he can before they ship him back to Texas and his faux ranch. Auctioning off pristine lands adjacent to National Parks for oil and gas exploration, relaxing Endangered Species regulations, planting republican buffoons in lifetime civil service positions, the list goes on and on and on.

I wish them all nothing but the worst and hope that karma really does exist.



Michael Sebastian said...

OK, Mike, how do you really feel about the Bush administration? Now that you're "done", you can really be candid, let you hair down. No more need for subtlety, just let 'er rip!


I take it that you don't agree with last night's meeting reviewer that Erin's photo was "too dark"?

I for one am not about to whine about a well-presented image of a very attractive nude woman, even if I have to increase the aperture setting on my eyeballs to enjoy it. I liked her just the very fine way she is/was....

Farewell my angry blogging colleague. I take it Wordpress was not a decent alternative?

mmdesign said...

Yeah, I've always been something of a wallflower and seldom speak my mind. I'm trying to change that. :)

I honestly don't believe that an image can be "too dark" with the possible exception of a black piece of paper perhaps. If I want my image that dark, how can it be wrong? It's my image! Some people would do better to think outside the box on occasion.

Some things are better if you have to work at them a bit.

No, I didn't like wordpress as all. I'll leave it to you guys to continue on until the day they come up with something better.